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Water Damage Repair – Determine the Age of Water Damage

One of the more typical complications a home can experience is water damage. As water damage repair professionals, Paul Davis recognize the complications that water damage generates, especially when it can’t be seen. Your home has plumbing everywhere, this includes the inside of your ceilings and walls. When these pipes leak or have condensation on them, they can begin to erode your ceiling or walls. One of the more difficult aspects to this is finding out whether the water damage is new or old.

Because the pipes are hidden, you can get an estimate of how long you’ve had water complications by evaluating the water damage itself. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find out a precise timeline, but we have some advice on how to analyze the damage so you can come up with an approximate time on how long you’ve had water in the damaged space.

A Guide On Water Damage – Establish its Age

Below are a few steps you can follow to figure out the age of your water damage:

  • History of the House: Take note of any spots on your ceiling or walls and take into account any outside influences like a heavy rain storm. Damages and spots derived from water can take months to emerge if it’s a slight leak. Older properties may already have some water spots that were sustained previously. So it’s fundamental to take note of the spots you perceive while determining whether this is new water damage or old water damage.
  • Touch the Spot: You can touch the spot, because this will disclose a lot about the age of the damage produced by water. A newer spot will feel wet but your drywall or ceiling will still feel the same, while an older spot will be mushy and squishy because your material would have absorbed a fair amount of water.
  • Look for Rings: Remember how rings on a tree determine how old a tree is? The same method can be used for spots created by water. An older water spot will have rings around it. They will also be discolored because the spot gets soaked then dries and gets soaked again then dries again, etcetera. A newer spot will be darker with no rings circling it.
  • Examine the Materials: Materials like thick paint and tiles can trap water and moisture, so when you have a water spot seeping through one of these, this can mean there’s been water lingering for awhile. Being aware of the materials can help you focus on your water damage issues more effectively.
  • Mold Inspection: Bacteria, or mold, growth usually indicates that the damage produced by water has lingered for approximately two to three days.
  • Decay: Your material doesn’t usually decay from the first occurrence of damage created by water. And when there has been rot, this indicates your material has been susceptible to consistent standing water or flooding.

Remove Damage Generated from Water & Call Paul Davis

When you’re having water damage complications, look to Paul Davis. It’s crucial to remedy any leaks in your house before the damage becomes extensive. Our water damage repair experts can detect dripping pipes and fix your home back to normal conditions no matter the size of the job. Get in touch with Paul today at 888-473-7669 and franchise near you is there to help out.