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Flood Damage Emergency Contractors around Ashland, KY

Whether from storms or manmade causes, flooding in your property can be frustrating. If standing water sits too long, rot can set into the floors and other surfaces. Additionally, the muggy weather in the Southeast as well as Ashland makes for prime mold growth. If a flood emergency strikes, call Paul Davis Emergency Services River Cities to remove the water and damage from the area. Our expert team responds any time and is happy to guide you through the claims process too.

Emergency Flood Damage Elimination Process

We respond to our emergency line any time and respond to requests within hours. Once we arrive, we start a damage examination to measure the intensity of the damage, the time span it would take to complete and a price quote. Next, we wait approval of our evaluation before starting work. Years of working in the emergency services industry means you’ll get the most accurate quote Ashland.

Draining the Area

As soon as you agree to our assessment, we can start work with pumping out flood water inside your home or business. We have strong pumps to take out as much excess water as possible. By removing the remaining water and debris, the probability of mold growth lowers.

Clearing the Air

Taking out the harmful water is only the first part of the process. We might have to remove your tiles or drywall to remove additional damage to the surfaces below the floor. Next, we air out your home with specialized fans and dehumidifiers. We help you avoid increased damage by closely attending to our work.