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Storm damage

Storm Damage Clean Up of Hillsboro, OH

The South and OH are notorious for harsh storms. From thunderstorms, high winds and hail, storm damage can come in many various forms. If your house or business takes on serious storm damage, it can be difficult to move forward. The contractors of Paul Davis respond quickly to help you rebuil damage from storms wherever or whenever bad conditions hit.

Affordable Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis contractors have local experience in weather remediation after inclement storms in Hillsboro. Our team is here all day, every day for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. However serious the damage, you can reach out to our bonded restoration professionals to restore your home or business. We contribute to the insurance route and offer storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis offers storm damage help for these common problems:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

All over the South and in Hillsboro, tornadoes have left millions of dollars in damage. Trees, utility lines and homes can take on serious damage in these severe events. Frequent damage tornadoes cause includes torn siding, broken windows, damaged shingles and even entire roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t immune from serious wind storms. If you want a restoration quote, contact the professionals at Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Water Damage

Water can be a life-giving force, but in floods, it can be dangerous. Water can enter basements, ruin drywall, fabrics and encourage mold growth. A serious storm that generates heavy rainfall can leave muddy shrapnel or septic leakage in your property too. To find out more about flooding, see our water damage services page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms blend the most devastating parts of high winds and rainfall into one serious storm. Although hurricanes range in force, these storms have been known to damage homes, uproot landscaping and flip vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services performs estimates for hurricane damage.

Hailstone Damage

The South may not get lots of snow, but frozen rain and sleet can be normal problem. At its most intense, large hailstones can shatter glass, bend and crack siding which leads to permanent damage. Contact Paul Davis Emergency Services for help with hail damage.

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