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Storm damage

Latham, OH Storm Damage Clean Up

The South and OH are famous for turbulent weather. From thunderstorms, tornadoes and ice, storm damage can come in many various ways. If your home or commercial space takes on serious storm damage, it can be hard to know what to do next. The emergency professionalsat Paul Davis Emergency Services serve the Latham region with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Estimate

Paul Davis Emergency Services specialists have local experience in storm restoration in days after inclement weather around Latham. Our team is available anytime for emergency help and estimates on storm damage. Whether the damage is major or minor, you can contact our bonded repair professionals to help your property. We contribute to the claims route and provide damage repair quotes. Paul Davis provides storm damage help for the following types of problems:

Wind Damage

Throughout the South and in Latham, tornadoes have left a trail of devastation in their wake. Infrastructure, utility connections and buildings can all be leveled in these harsh storms. Frequent damage tornadoes cause includes torn siding, smashed windows, ripped shingles and in some cases, whole roofs. Landscaping and vehicles aren’t even safe in serious wind storms. If you need an estimate for tornado damage, contact the professionals from Paul Davis of Latham.

Flood Damage

Water is necessary to live, but in floods, it can be harmful. Water can enter structures, destroy drywall, fabrics and encourage mold growth. After a flash flood, you may find damage to your pavement, remaining dirt and silt inside, debris in your home and sewage issues. Paul Davis Emergency specialists also help with water damage, find out more on our service page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms blend the worst components of severe winds and flooding into a single dangerous storm. When a tropical storm hits OH or anywhere in the region, the heavy rains and gusts can be powerful enough to damage buildings, landscaping and tip over vehicles. Paul Davis of Latham provides quotes for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hailstone Damage

Frozen rain and hail is a normal part of winter in OH. When in full force, large hailstones can shatter windows, bend and cause fissues in shingles which leads to roof damage. Paul Davis of Latham are available to help you repair your property 24/7.

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