Damage Removal for Natural & Artificial Flooding around Ashland, KY

Flooding comes from a range of places, but is equally damaging for properties. If left to sit, flood water can cause decay in the walls and infrastructure. Additionally, the warm, moist weather in the South as well as Ashland makes for prime mold growth. Don’t hesitate call the Paul Davis Restoration of the River Cities to take out flooding in your property. Our expert team answers 24/7 and is happy to help with the insurance filing process too.

Paul Davis Restoration of the River Cities Flood Removal Process

We respond to our emergency line 24/7 and reply to calls within hours. Once we arrive, we perform an assessment to establish the amount of time and cost of the emergency treatment. Then, we wait for you to agree to our assessment before we begin work. Decades of working in the emergency services industry means you’ll get the most accurate quote Ashland.

Eliminating Flood Water

As soon as you sign onto our estimate, we begin with eliminating standing water inside your home or business. With the help of large pumps, we dry out all the water as we can. By removing the flood water and mess, the chances of mold growth decreases.

Clearing the Air

When we’ve taken out the pooled water from the affected area, we can start on the real work by removing damaged flooring. Then, we dry out your property with advanced dehumidifiers and fans. To prevent damaging mold infestations, our staff attend closely to each aspect possible.