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Huntington, WV Flood Damage Emergency Responders

From storms or broken appliances, flooding in your property can be devastating. If standing water goes untreated too long, rot can set into the floors and infrastructure. Furthermore, the warm, moist weather in the Southeast as well as Huntington sets the stage for mold growth. If a flood emergency strikes, call Paul Davis Emergency Services River Cities to remove the flood and damage from the area. We answer calls any time as well as assist you with the insurance.

What Is Emergency Flood Damage Removal?

We respond to our hotline any time and respond to calls within hours. As soon as we arrive, we perform an assessment to establish the amount of time and cost of the emergency treatment. As experts, we do not start any work until the evaluation has been signed. With so much work in flood damage removal in Huntington, we will deliver the best quote.

Draining the Area

We being our steps by pumping out leftover flood water inside your home. We have specialized pumps to eliminate as much flood water as possible. This part is essential to recovering from damage and avoiding further issues.

Drying Your Property

Once we’ve removed the standing water from your home or business, we can start on the real work by taking out damaged tiles and carpets. Then, we dry out your home with specialized fans and dehumidifiers. To prevent dangerous mold infestations, our staff will be as detailed as we can.